• Lucian has experience in coal, hydrocarbons and natural gas production systems, research development and manufacture of polymers for water treatment, mining and mineral production, together with oil field recovery injection products.
  • Twenty five years of contaminated land experience
  • Introduced the concept of phytobio-remediation and reedbeds into the UK.
  • Researched, designed and supervised construction of ICI and British Steel/Tata reed bed effluent systems
  • Expertise in large scale catchment management.

Expertise & Skills

Expertise & Skills


  • Assessment of contaminated land and soils
  • Historical understanding of industrial contamination in the UK.
  • Development of Central Unit services for provision of environmental information regarding land and property.
  • Analytical chemistry and experimental chemistry.
  • Water resource management.
  • Environmental management.
  • Methods of wastewater treatment.


  • Experienced Industrial Chemist with a doctorate in Chemical Kinetics


  • Soil based reed bed design and operation.
  • Company Management and Directorship.
  • Chemical and biological process development & research.
  • Training and technology transfer.
  • High standard of verbal and written communication, with experience of scientific report authorship and compilation.
  • Invited speaker to international conferences and seminars.

Countries Worked:

East Africa, China, India, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Colombia, Abu Dhabi, United Kingdom, Malaysia

Past Projects

Ground water modelling, design and construction of a reed bed system to remove Vinyl Chloride from contaminated ground water, to prevent migration of the contaminants to local drinking water aquifers, Kerteh, Malaysia.

Ministry of Oil & OEPA, East Africa

National conference for national oil spill strategy, remediation and recovery

Design, Construction and Establishment of a reed bed pilot system to treat 250 m3/day of waste water from a Urea Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility, Kedah, Malaysia.

Provision of bioremediation and monitoring services for major water treatment facilities in East Africa.

Petronas, Malaysia – Education and training for Petronas Research Group. Technical advisor for remediation and rehabilitation of non-conforming effluent discharge.

Provision of bioremediation and monitoring services for oilfield produced water facilities in Columbia.

Exxon, Chad – Project development and assessment for economic impact of produced water treatment and beneficial end use in community development for Chad Operations.

Enabling senior officers from East African Government to visit UK educational facilities and to be present in Parliament for Annual schools ‘Future Skills’ competitions, carried out in Parliamentary Chambers.

Fertil (Adnoc), Abu Dhabi

Research programme for development of treatment systems for Fertilizer effluents for Fertil (Adnoc). Pilot operations are currently underway before development of the full scale system.

Conference Presentation on Water, Food and Energy security strategies for East Africa.

Conference presentation of econometric modelling data for East Africa in the ‘beyond oil economy’.

East Africa –JAMS (Joint Assessment Mission East Africa)
Assessment and redirection of the programme for the East African Government.

Research, development and construction supervision of 15 major water treatment facilities in East Africa. The operations are designed for the integration of catchment management, clean water storage after purification and onward transmission to agricultural forestry and fishery resources when fully completed.

Shenyang China – Sewage treatment plant for 6000 person equivalent operating at minus 35deg C for three months of the year. Project completed and exceeding requirements.

As Chairman of SetPoint (Science, Education, Technology for UK Government) briefing for East African Government and GOSS, on Future Skills requirement to meet ‘beyond Oil Economy’ systems with the emphasis on all level of education of ‘Future Skills requirement’.

Shell PDO, Oman
Commissioned by Shell for world’s first produced water treatment system from Oilfields in Omani desert. Temperatures in excess of 50℃ Construction supervised, operation exceeded requirements.

Visiting specialist advisor, American nuclear clean-up programme seminars, Idaho Falls, USA.

BHP Australia – Research, design, construction supervision of liquid waste treatment facility of BHP Whyalla Steelworks in Australia.

Scientific advisor for Indo-British Partnership/Department of Trade & Industry.

Appointed by EU programme for assessment of contaminated sites in Eastern Germany following opening up of Eastern Europe.

Appointed by EU programme to asses infrastructure in Stetin (Gdansk – Poland) on water supply and purification / waster treatment.

Appointed by EU programme for assessment of water supply and purification, liquid and solid waste management, landfill processes in Skopje, Macedonia.

LLanwern, Wales – Design construction supervision and operation of the largest biological treatment in the UK for British Steel.

ICI Facility, Billingham, UK – Assessment of Environmental impact of all chemical manufacturing processes at the facility. Design and construction supervision of UK’s first major microbiological treatment facility.

Construction and operation complete 1989 – present

Appointed by a UK Government Department to oversee investigation into derelict and contaminated sites (250) in North East England

Senior Project Leader for research and development of continuous reactor operations for polymer engineering. Assigned to Mitsui Tuatsu (Japan) for co-ordination and construction of the first continuous reactor system.


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